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C.H.A.T Center Has Moved To a New Location!

Cheyenne Habilitation and Therapeutic Center, Inc. is pleased to announce that the company’s Administrative Offices and Day Habilitation headquarters have moved to a new location!  This expansion has provided a greater opportunity for C.H.A.T. Center, Inc. to implement exciting new programs and workshops for the benefit of clients who participate in our Day Habilitation services.

Our new location is 2000 Westland Road, Cheyenne WY, 82001.

Over the last several years, C.H.A.T. Center, Inc. has grown tremendously.  Under the leadership of Kim Elfering, the company has established a solid reputation for the delivery of quality services.  As a result, the company has added several new clients.  But C.H.A.T. Center, Inc. is growing in more ways than mere numbers.  Our ambitions are growing as well, and we have been hard at work developing new programs designed to both improve and add to the services currently being provided.  Look for announcements of new and expanded services right here on our web site!

As C.H.A.T. Center, Inc. continues to grow, our commitment to providing the highest level of service to our clients deepens.  We are proud to be a regional leader in our field, and look forward to many more years of assisting our community and improving the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities.

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